Reclaim your shine with Females over Forty-Five! No Mirrors, No Judgement, Just Females lifting each other up.

Train alongside other like-minded women over forty-five focussed on showing up and being the best version of themselves. Whether you’re rejoining the gym after a work or family life hiatus, we are happy to help YOU get moving again… shine on, ladies!

We have created a female-only gym with a private studio away from the usual gym goers so that you can feel comfortable getting re-acclimated to training again.

We have female coaches who are over 50 Years ‘young’ that will give you everything you need to achieve your goals.

Individualised programs, tailored nutrition advice, customised support, plus all the accountability you need to succeed.

We will show you the way to be your best self: Physically, Nutritionally and Mentally.

We are a community of like-minded ladies that are all experiencing/have experienced the same things. We are a ‘sisterhood’ that cares about each other, supports each other and builds each other up.

Females over Forty-Five
Our promise to you…

Guaranteed Results, or get your money back.

There will be no need to pay for another diet book, slimming pill or workout challenge again. The way we get you results is through our proven 4-Step Method.

4-Step Method

Mindset and Education

Make better choices and know that it’s in line with your bigger picture goal. Most of all, enjoy life.


We won’t let you fail. Your female tribe is with you 100% of the way. We will keep you on track.


You’ll never starve yourself again. There are no Yo-Yo diets, just simple, easy-to-follow, real-world nutrition guidance that works.


No more Cardio bunny style workouts. Give your body the training it needs by focussing on strength and conditioning.

About Your Trainer


Kelli is a 52-year-old Menopausal Health and Wellness Coach who has completely transformed her life over the last eight years. Using her own struggles, experiences and decision to move from Regional WA to the city, she dedicates her time to helping ladies ‘Shine again’. Kelli loves empowering ladies to be the best version of themselves.

Peri-menopausal herself, Kelli is currently dealing with the changes that all women eventually go through. She knows it’s not fun, and she knows it’s not easy. Most of all, she understands what ladies go through, the sacrifices they make, and its impact on their personal lives.

Kelli is committing her future to mature women’s health, wellness and happiness.


It's your time to shine.

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