MyZone: Why do we use them? / Why are they beneficial?

Using the MyZone system allows both you and your coach to monitor (in real-time) your exercise intensity, caloric expenditure, and heart rate recovery every single session.

Using a MyZone also helps drive your motivation and reach your health and fitness goals in more ways than one as they help to:

😁 Makes you accountable

Being able to see the effort you are putting into your workout as you are sweating it out not only gives you motivation but also allows your trainer to coach you more effectively. Being able to see feedback immediately on your training effort not only creates a feeling of achievement, but it also helps push you to either keep going and push through that final tough few seconds or extra reps, or to pull back because you have reached your maximum effort which can help prevent injury.

😁 Create a feeling of community

We all like to feel part of something bigger than ourselves. It is what drives us, gives us a sense of belonging and a valuable support system. This is so important when we are driving ourselves to achieve something challenging, such as exercise. Through social networks in the Myzone app, you can connect with other Myzone users. This lets you support and motivate each other through likes, comments and chat groups or take part in team challenges.

When you are the only person that knows you have made a huge effort to exercise, it is very easy to lose your motivation and to keep consistent with your training. Having your workout profile visible to all your connections and the ability to share pictures of your workout gives you the motivation to make more of an effort as you will want the Myzone effort points (MEPs), the likes and the supportive comments, but you need to show up to get them!

😁 Gamification through status

For a lot of us exercise is hard, but even for those who enjoy it we all want to receive recognition of our efforts and achievements, particularly when it has pushed us out of our comfort zone.

You don’t need to top the number of MEPs leaderboard to be rewarded. By achieving the standard minimal activity levels in your first month you will be awarded an Iron status. If you are new to exercise you may not see significant changes to weight, body fat percentage or other calculations we use to measure success, but you can easily achieve an Iron status. 

Once you are “Made of Iron” you are motivated to “level up”, just by repeating at least this level of activity for 3 months consecutively, you now become Bronze, at 6 months Silver and on until you finally become a Myzone Hall of Fame legend!

The extra motivation is that if you miss a month, you lose this achievement and drop down to the start of that level or down to the previous. So once more, that “do I go to the gym today….?” decision becomes much more likely to be a positive one.

😁 Level the Playing Field

Group exercise has repeatedly been proven to improve motivation and retention, however joining a class for the first time can be incredibly intimidating. On top of that, feeling like you must keep up with the fittest, strongest and most experienced people in the group can reinforce the idea that “this isn’t for me”.

Whether it’s on the Cardio equipment “everyone keep your speed over 30” or could be Box Jumps in a Body Conditioning session where it is simply a measure of I can or I can’t do it, often this leads to a feeling of failure. But by using effort as the measure and changing the “keep your speed over’ to “everyone let’s drive up into the Yellow zone” everyone can feel a sense of achievement and inclusivity, making it an experience they want to, and know they can, repeat.

😁 Makes you feel good about exercise.

All motivation is good but if you can move from just exercising for an end goal or result to also exercising for the love of it, every workout becomes something you want to do, not have to do.

Using MyZone MEPs, challenges and Status achievements helps to make you want to stay active, having real time feedback during workouts means you get recognition throughout, and receiving encouragement through likes, comments and messages on your profile keeps the endorphins and happy hormones high long after the workout is finished.

If you want really take your training and nutrition to the next level, having knowledgeable and motivational coach/trainer to ensure you are getting the most out of your training along with using your MyZone to monitor your exercise intensity, calories out, and heart rate recovery, and for your nutrition using MyfitnessPal to keep track of your calories in, you are giving yourself some of the best tools to help reach your health and fitness goals. As they say, work smarter not harder.

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